Welcome to Manta Fit – Where Fashion Meets Function in the World of Women's Fitness.

Our Origin Story - A Passion for Movement in the Chills of Toronto

Born in the harsh winter of Toronto, Manta Fit was ignited by a fervent love for movement. Despite the cold, our hearts burned with the desire to create a brand that caters to the diverse needs of active women.

Modern Aesthetics, Lasting Comfort - Crafting the Manta Fit Experience

Our Mission

At the core of Manta Fit is the commitment to design modern, aesthetically pleasing activewear and accessories. Currently specializing in yoga apparel, sports bras, tops, and equipment, we're expanding to include even more light sports products such as golf and tennis.

Design x Quality x Function

Through meticulous selection, trials, and experiences, we unveil garments with novel designs, durable comfort, affordability, and quality. Each product release encapsulates the essence of "Design x Quality x Function," merging urban chic, top-tier quality, and practical functionality.

Style Beyond Appearance - Feeling the Movement

Versatile Living, Natural Expression